Title: A Certain Something

Title: A Certain Something
Author: Demelza
Disclaimer: Once Upon A Time and its characters belong to ABC and are used here within this story for the purpose of entertainment only. No infringements of these copyrights are intended.
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Genres: Smut, PWP
Pairing: Belle/Gold
Rating: O15
Warnings: Sexual content
Summary: Detective!AU. Gold and Belle are honest, dependable detectives… who just so happen to have a certain something going on.

Stopping with a sigh, she let her hand fall atop the report and sighed. It hadn’t been so long now since the last time she had seen Gold, and yet she had a hallowing yearning in her heart.

The way she’d ached after he’d last fucked her still remained, though fainter now in comparison to those few hours ago. There was no regret; she loved what she had allowed him to do to her. And, even now, she craved the feel of his breath against her skin; she wanted to hear him panting in her ear, groaning with a thunderous desire, and all for her. And, his cock. God…his cock. Though only a lingering memory, she could still feel him, buried deep inside her, and it made her throb for a repeat of the night’s events.

Back to reality.

She couldn’t think about him. She didn’t want to. It didn’t do her any good, and parts of her told her that being in that kind of relationship, if one would call it that, with Gold was a bad thing.

It was the reason she had stayed so late tonight; her thinking was that if she threw herself into the backload of paperwork she might be able to distract herself for long enough to realize what happened tonight shouldn’t have happened. Though the truth was, it wasn’t like tonight had been the first. They’d had sex before. At first she had initiated it; she’d cornered him in the locker room after a particularly tough case and had kissed him hard and fast. Next thing she knew, he was taking control. Her back hit the locker hard, eliciting a deep groan from him when she moaned into his mouth, and just as quickly articles of clothing were being strewn across the cold-tiled floor.

The paperwork was some distraction though; she was still thinking about the distraction the distraction had been a distraction from.

It honestly didn’t work.

It had been almost three hours now.

Three hours was a long time.

Their colleagues had already left for the night. And while she knew the coroner was around the place somewhere, essentially there was only a skeleton crew working.

For all intents and purposes…she was alone.

Rubbing her tired eyes, she picked up her pen and continued working. She’d let her mind drift long enough, she had to get some work done. At least, that’s what she told herself.

Belle was busy working through the notes, and the report, when she heard something stir behind her. It sounded, maybe, like a half footstep, and something else.

She let it slide, told herself it was exhaustion and thought nothing more of it.

The would-be attempt at not getting her attention occurred again, this time, though, it was more of a rustle than a stir. Almost tinfoil, almost plastic. Both, perhaps.

Just by-passers, she told herself.

Another half footstep. Closer, this time.

And like an autumn breeze that swept past her, a familiar smell floated near, and she smiled. Oh yes, she knew that smell. The sweet, sensuous, musky scent. Until tonight she had never been so strongly attuned to it, but then the sedan had rocked and rocked, and it had became a fact of knowledge that she would only naturally know the smell like the faded breath that accompanied it.

Close to her ear; “Guess who,” he murmured.

A smile pursed her lips, and she used her right foot to push her swivel chair to turn to the left, and she smiled up at the man standing there. “Gold.” She quickly laughed. “Another protein bar?”

“Yeah,” he said, taking hold of the bar and ripping the wrapper open. He smiled with it open, “It remind you of anything?” he asked.

“A protein bar,” she said, almost sarcastically.

“Funny…no I mean the wrapper…”

“Hmmm,” she murmured, “For something round…made out of latex?”

Gold’s lips pursed. “Somethin’ for a longer, harder fuck,” he said, when Belle leaned back in her seat and brought her right leg up between both of his and began to lightly rub against him. The move made him drop his protein bar to the ground, and he frowned.

“Aww, poor Detective Gold,” she teased.

A moan of pleasure escaped Gold’s throat, his eyes meeting hers. “I dunno what the Captain would think if he knew you were slacking off, French.”

Belle’s eyes narrowed momentarily and she lowered her leg. Not taking her eyes off his, she kicked off both her shoes, before returning her foot to his crotch, where she began playing with him. “I don’t think he’ll care,” she replied. She wet her lips, smiling.

A split second; he stepped forward, stepped against her foot, his face flinching with pleasure, when her foot slipped down – catching Belle in surprise – and he leaned down to her, placed his hands on the arm rests at either side of the chair. He smiled, “If I told you I haven’t stopped thinking about you tonight…” He moved closer, whispering; “Would you let me fuck you again?”

Belle moaned sweetly at the proposition. “Location?” she purred.

He lightly shrugged with his right shoulder, eyes staying on hers. “Desk looks pretty healthy.”

“Computers. Wires,” she replied, not liking the idea.


She didn’t like that idea either, and shook her head. “We’d fuck, I’d scream, we’d get caught…”

His lips transformed into a grin. “I can be quiet, if you can.”

“The way you screw me?” Belle said, leaning closer, to within whispering range. “I can’t promise I’ll behave.”

Gold’s deep brown eyes locked onto hers and she felt a rush of desire pass through her.

Her jaw set, and she exhaled softly. She’d had that feeling before. You know the type; where you wanted someone so badly it hurt. Desire. The want and need to fuck them.

Gold’s eyebrows rose, and the look told her he was leaving the decision up to her. The look in his eyes also told her he knew what he was doing. He’d done it before. Three times before, if she remembered correctly. He knew how much she wanted him, how badly she needed him.

Driven by animalistic impulse, she went for him. Her mouth caught his as he pulled her to her feet, his arms instinctively going around her, while her hands went to his chest as she tried to release each of the buttons that were more annoying now than they had been in the car.

That’s when Gold pulled his mouth away from hers, and the hungered look in his eyes told her he was going to make good on her submission to the idea of sex in the closet.

Only seconds passed, but Belle was already growing impatient. The desires in her were making her heart race fast; she really couldn’t wait for the closet. “I can’t, Gold,” she softly groaned, her eyes locking onto his, while her fingers still worked those damn buttons.

Thinking ‘fuck it’, she gripped the left and right flaps of his shirt and pulled them apart, the buttons flying in all directions.

“I can’t either,” he growled.

Their mouths quickly met again. She worked at his tie next, loosening it, while he moved them back to the desk, kissing her deeper.

Breaking the kiss, Belle breathlessly stared up at Gold. “You have no idea how bad I want you,” she said, but the words were merely that, nothing more, nothing less. It didn’t matter in either their minds that the walls of the room were made of glass, or that there was the highest chance that someone could, at any moment, catch them.

Gold was unbuttoning her blouse with precision, though not at all to Belle’s surprise. With each of the buttons free, he pushed the material back, revealing her erratically rising and falling bosom. She smiled that small, innocent smile he loved so much, before helping him with the fast removal of his own shirt, though the loosened tie remained slackened around his neck.

“You’ve got a thing for ties, haven’t you French?” he asked, his voice husky.

“Mm-hmm,” she murmured, grabbing hold of that blue tie and pulling him to her, devouring his moistened lips with her own. “Gold,” she moaned into his mouth, her breath catching in her throat as his hands went to her body, exploring, caressing her.

His movements were slow, intense-deliberate. His moves were intent on making the moment last longer, but she knew it was tormenting him inside, and elsewhere. His right hand held her hip, while his left began exploring her waist line, moving slowly, his eyes locked on hers, his lips wet, desperately needing to meet hers just once more.

Movement, and his fingers went to the button on her pants first, where he released the button and moved on to the zipper. But that’s where he paused, a small smile curling his lips. His hands, tantalizingly warm to the touch, sent shivers down her spine as his fingers grazed over her bare skin. Teasing, he moved his sweaty body close to hers, let his lips brush against hers.

He trailed his hands from her hips, up to her arms, where he finally eased her out of her blouse and dropped the article on the floor. His lips curved with a smile. He leaned in and caught her mouth with his, his kisses deep, strong.

“Gold,” Belle breathed effortlessly, his lips parting from hers, their gaze meeting. His left hand slid down, over her right breast, stroking her nipple through her bra, hardening it, before slipping down her stomach in sweet, soft, gentle movements. She inhaled quickly, caught between reactions as his hand slid into her panties and he found her clit. Three teasing strokes and he slipped his hand down further, his two fingers slipping inside her, stroking, caressing her.

Gold’s mouth moved close to hers. She wanted to kiss him, she was desperate to feel his lips against hers, wanted it more than anything. But he knew what he was doing, and she stood there, soft whimpers escaping with every hardened stroke, with every penetration. Her breathing only growing heavier as his fingers slid in and out of her, repeatedly.

She whimpered in pleasure, and Gold lightly bit Belle’s lower lip, bringing his hand out to intentionally lightly massage her clit. He caught each moan with one tender bite after another, and as her body began to relax, to shudder against him, he slipped his hand out of her panties, and up to her lips. No hesitance, he brought his fingers, covered in her very essence – across her lower lip, before sucking it deep, and hard, tasting her. She moaned, kissing him and not wanting it to stop, but the kissing slowed and came to a painful stop.

Gold gazed down at her, his hand moving back to her panties, where he pushed them – along with her jeans – down. The clothing fell, and as he moved her backwards, she effortlessly stepped out of them, and he brought her to the cool desk behind her.

“Do you have any idea how fuckable you are, French?” Gold asked, his voice low, yet rough.

“No,” she teased, her hands moving from his strong chest to his zipper. A smile formed on her lips as she stared up at him, “Why don’t you tell me?”

He kissed her first, then smiled back at her. “Let’s see… against the locker, in the back alley outside that bar, the hallway inside my apartment…”

“Not where, how,” Belle said, pushing him playfully in the chest.

Laughing, he growled low in his chest. “Top shelf,” he said, and she smiled back.

There was a moment, a single second, though it seemed like it lasted longer, when Belle’s hands made the descent of his chest – playing with his tie on the way – when her fingertips met the waistband of his slacks.

Their eyes locking, she released his belt with ease, then moved to his zipper, pulled it down, before releasing the sole button that held him inside.

He smiled at her as she unbuttoned his boxers next, then groaned when she teasingly rubbed her hand against the silken material, the action only making his throbbing cock ache and throb harder for her. Finally though, her electrifyingly warm fingers were slipping inside the material, stroking him, and he groaned aloud. “French…” he breathed.

“Gold,” she whispered, her eyes searching his, “fuck me.”

Through their own trials and errors, he went for her, kissing her as heatedly as that first night. With her seated on the edge of the desk, he hiked up both her legs and pushed his cock into her wet pussy.

Gold grunted loudly while Belle let out a husky groan.

Eyes locked on hers, he pulled back.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned. “Don’t you dare.”

He grinned, kept hold of her legs and began to thrust into her. In and out, pushing hard and fast. “F-French,” he groaned, his balls slapping against her with every thrust into her slick pussy.

A desperate call, her voice low, Belle began to rasp his name.

Gold went harder, watching Belle’s face contort with pleasure.

His groans grew louder. Hers were coming faster.

And then, the pressure within her reaching the high point, she felt the pull of orgasm and she tightened around him as it rushed through her. It was almost like riding a roller coaster. His cock was pushing into her still, and her throbbing, twitching pussy met every one of his thrusts with another quaking orgasm. Until finally they ebbed out and he was pushing into her slower, almost there himself.

“Fuck, Gold… fuck,” she murmured, staring up at him.

Gold slowed further still, until finally he pulled out. His cock still hard, he stepped up to Belle and she took the throbbing member in hand and began to masturbate him.

He brought his lips to hers, kissed her through every stroke as she brought him to a finish. She was biting his lip when he finally came with an ethereal grunt, his essence shooting over her lower stomach.

“Robert,” Belle whispered, kissing him again, “You…” she breathed, but she was unable to find the words to finish.

Gold continued to kiss her for a moment longer, when his lips parted from hers and he murmured, “Yeah, you too, French…”

Smiling, she withdrew her hand from his flaccid cock. “You ever think you’ll call me Belle?” she asked, her voice soft.

He moved forward, kissing her as he reached for the nearby box of tissues. “Maybe,” he said, and he plucked some of the tissues out and handed them to her.

She wiped his cum from her abdomen while he used another handful of tissues to clean her fluids from his cock.

The moment passed in silence.

They found their clothes again, though Gold’s shirt was missing all its buttons. She had to smile at a job well done, though if she read him right he was a little miffed that she’d ruined one of his favourite white shirts.

Dressed, Belle placed her hands against his chest and fixed his tie. “My apartment next time,” she said. Gold raised an eyebrow and she added, “But bring your cuffs.”

“You have a deal,” he said, cupping her face. He gazed down at her for a beat, then leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “I’ll bring the refreshments.”

He walked away from her then, and Belle brought her hands to her front, grinning as she watched him walk off with that swagger she loved so damn much.

Working with Gold hadn’t been her first choice. Hell, she’d fought against it with the Captain when she’d been assigned his partner, but honestly fucking him was one of the best perks to come out of the assignment.


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