Title: Something to Remember Her By

Title: Something to Remember Her By
Author: Demelza
Disclaimer: Star Wars and its characters belong to Disney and all their other respective owners.  No infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission purely as a means of entertainment.
Rating: O13
Warnings:  None
Word Count: 448
Summary:  Rey and Kylo are enemies on Jakku, but there’s no such thing as The Force. Or maybe there might be later on….

Kylo and Rey had been fighting versus one another, metal pipe and staff, for what felt like hours now in the stifling sun of Jakku.  They were both drenched in sweat, sand and hair stuck to both their faces.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded from Kylo’s wristband.  “Sorry to end this quarrel, but I must depart, Scavenger.  Duty calls; you know how it is.”

“Of course, of course,” she breathes, smile curving her lips.  “But wait, before you go…”

She dropped her staff to the ground and he decided, what the hell, and tossed aside his metal pipe too.  She was moving towards him, sand kicking out behind her, and his pounding heart felt like it was in his throat.

“I want to give you something.  A… little souvenir…”  She was right in front of him now, and when she placed her hands on his chest he began to bend down and return the kiss he felt very certain was about to meet him.

“It’s something to remember me by,” she whispered, gripping the lapels of his outfit.

“I’ll treasure it,” Kylo practically purred, searching her eyes.  Oh yes, this was an interesting turn of events after all that.  He’d been tracking her across Jakku for weeks, had felt up until early morning light that she would never be within his grasp.  But here she was.  The infamous scavenger he’d heard so much about.  About to kiss him.  And didn’t he deserve that after all the bloody sand on this shitty fucking planet?

“Good,” Rey said, jerking him towards her and out of his thoughts.

This was it.  He was in the moment.  It was about to happen.

But she stepped backwards, which only made him furrow his brow in confusion.

Then, it happened.  One swift movement, and her knee was brought up to collide with his balls.  And as it did the pain went screaming through him.  He lost his voice.  He lost his every thought of how hot and kissable her lips were.

“Do think of me every time you use it!” Rey laughed, and then she was gone, off across the sand dunes and Kylo could only sink to his knees in absolute agony, hands going to his balls.

Finally, he whimpered. “Mummy.”

Author: Demelza

Writer, graphic artist and photographer. I dream of building a fantasy realm others can play in!

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