Game of Thrones

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Once Upon A Time

A Certain SomethingLINK (latest fic)
Detective!AU. Gold and Belle are honest, dependable detectives… who just so happen to have a certain something going on. [NSFW]

The Complaint – LINK
Rumpelstiltskin and Belle attempt yet another date at Granny’s diner.  (set during Season 2)

The Greatest Gift of All – LINK
After the curse has been broken, Rumpelstiltskin receives the greatest gift of all.

The Apology – LINK
Set directly after the season two premiere, Rumplestiltskin apologizes.

The Rumour- LINK
In another life where the Ogre wars didn’t exist, Rumpelstiltskin and Belle shared a life together where their only fear was Baelfire learning news from village gossip, instead of them.

A Little Christmas Magic – LINK
Rumplestiltskin helps Belle primp for Christmas.

Mr Gold and the Librarian – LINK
Mr Gold has loved the town’s librarian, Isabelle French, since the first moment he saw her.

The Darkest HourLINK
A haunting cry sounded, and Rumpelstiltskin lifted his gaze to see Archie cradling a sobbing Ruby in his arms.

Loveless – LINK
Rumbelle AU.  Can what is already broken be shattered even worse?

Stargate SG1

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