Title:  Dance with the Devil (1/?)

Title:  Dance with the Devil (1/?)
Author:  Demelza
Disclaimer:  Game of Thrones and its characters belong to GRRM and HBO.  I’m just borrowing them here for a little while.  No infringements of any copyrights are intended. 
Genre:  AU
Pairing:  None as yet, future Sansa/Tyrion, Arya/Hound, Robb/Theon
Rating:  O15
Warnings:  Gore, graphic violence
Summary:  Mother was dead and Father had left for King’s Landing; the time for justice was at hand, and they were the executioners. Dark!AU. Future Sansa x Tyrion, Arya x Hound, Robb x Theon.
Author’s Note:  Beta’d by me.  Mistakes are mine. *g*

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