Slowly getting there….

Hi to anyone who happens upon this blog page!

I’m in the (slow) process of putting this website together, but as you are able to see there are many facets to it: fanart, free-to-use art resources (manips at the moment, 3d renders will begin to be posted this week), photography by yours truly, and soon I will also share some of my writing.

In the near future I will also begin writing weekly reviews of the many, MANY, movies that I have enjoyed over the years.  Some may come as a surprise, being that the critics have panned them… but as a filmmaker myself I feel better able to see what the writer and director’s were doing with their films and that’s the angle of films I will mostly be reviewing (and of course the actors too, because without them the writer’s words never would have made it to screen!).

But first up, in the week ahead you will see a selection of photo galleries being added to the photography page.  I am an avid scenery and pet photographer, so expect to see a sizable amount of both.  While I am also a hobbyist portrait photographer I tend to only photograph family & friends so those shots will not be posted on here for privacy reasons.

Looking forward to sharing more of my work with you all!