Terms of Use

Can I use your photograph(s) for personal or commercial purposes?

The photos posted on my site are here for portfolio purposes only, sorry.  But, if it’s photos found on my forthcoming DeviantArt gallery, then yes you will be able to use them for personal/commercial purposes (many will be free, some will be purchasable).

You can follow my DA account below if you’re interested in content updates as they arrive.


Is any of your original art available for purchase?

I haven’t got any up here as yet, but I expect I will in the near future.  These will mainly be 3D renders… and, as with my photography, they shall be on DeviantArt (link above) and will be available for personal/commercial purposes.

Can I repost or adapt/alter any of your fandom art pieces?

Creative art pieces?  Unfortunately no, unless you inquire with me about using them (such as for your fanfic covers, in banners, as avatars, etc).

Manipulations?  Yes!  You can use any of the “base” graphics as you please.  All I hope for in return for the hard work that went into them is a little link back as the original artist.